For the low-down on all the characters – check here. Details about characters will be updated as more facts about them are revealed throughout the story.

Louise is just an ordinary girl, so much as anyone is ordinary. She enjoys the ordinary things – shopping, hanging out with friends and a good gossip and generally she is very happy with her life. So far, everything has gone to plan and she has everything that she wants – a great job in an exciting city, a boyfriend who she loves, and good friends. It is difficult maintaining the last two in a new city, but she is sure she can do it. Louise is a clever girl, and everything she puts her mind to she can (and has) succeed in. London will be easy, London she will crack.

Billy is not ordinary, or he wouldn’t like to be thought of as so. Some would describe him as a frustrated artist, he would probably just describe himself as frustrated. It’s not that his life is bad, he has everything he needs – a job (or two), a roof over his head, and good friends – but he’s not satisfied. He wants more, he doesn’t know how to get it but he probably will. Good things come to those who wait – right?


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