Scrape: Chapter one, Part two

“Hi, Louise is it?” Three of the girls from one of the other departments were standing by her desk.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“Hi. Sorry, I’m terrible with names. I’m Mina,” she said confidently reaching out her hand for Louise to shake, “And this is Becky and Sam. We thought maybe you’d like to come for lunch with us?”

Sat in the pub around the corner from the office with Mina, Becky and Sam, Louise felt really lucky. Lucky that she had got such a great job so easily, and lucky that people were already being so nice to her. The girls all worked in the design department. Louise could tell that it was the most glamorous department in the company; and the three girls she was sat around the table with were quite possibly the three most glamorous girls in the company. Mina had gorgeous, long black silky hair with one of those heavy fringes that are so difficult to pull off. She had a permanent tan, and stunning green eyes. At almost 6 feet tall in her heels, she was by far the most striking girl in the group. Sam and Becky both had mousy brown hair. Sam had hers piled high on the top of her head in a messy bun. She was just as tan as Mina, but it looked like it took more effort. Becky had enviously wavy hair, beautiful lips and dark, dusky eyes trimmed with thick tortoise shell glasses that Louise suspected she only wore for fashion. Louise looked from gorgeous girl to gorgeous girl and was quietly happy to be the only blonde in the group.

“So girls,” Louise said between sips of the diet coke, “what’s the office gossip? Anyone you need to warn me about? Office romances?”

“Well,” Becky was glancing around the pub as if she was about to reveal a big secret, she leant her head closer to Louise in mock intimacy, “We think John is having an affair with one of the girls in finance.”

John was Louise’s boss. “Really? Who? I didn’t think there were any girls in finance.”

“There’s only one,” Sam said knowingly. Louise was unsure of where this was going.

“Don’t worry, we’ll introduce you later.”

The girls chatted as the hands on the clock swung round, unaware of the passing time. Only when they were well and truly overdue in returning from their lunch breaks did the gorgeous gaggle of girls scatter back to work; only Becky lingered for a moment, ‘Fancy meeting up for an evening?  Dinner or something?’

‘Yes’ said a slightly unprepared Louise ‘sounds lovely’

‘There’s a lovely little bistro just by my flat, we could go there. You could then come back and see my famous attempts at interior design’

Louise, who didn’t know London, didn’t know Becky, didn’t know where her flat was, and didn’t know that she had any attempts at all, let alone famous ones, at interior design felt her mouth fall open and say ‘Can’t wait.’

‘That’s a date then – Thursday night.’ confirmed new friend Becky.

Back in the office, Louise gave little thought to her date, but couldn’t stop thinking about their lunchtime conversation. Office affairs? It was so exciting and so unreal, just like a soap – and she was in it!  She decided to find out more about John’s life outside of work. She just couldn’t understand how a man could cheat on his wife. Cheap, scurrilous whore of a man!  How could anyone do that to someone they love? And he wasn’t even being subtle about it! Louise was appalled. Louise was disgusted.


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I am a twenty-something Londoner who enjoys writing. As well as writing, I enjoy all the usual and unusual things people my age (and those older and younger) enjoy.

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